Truck Services

Truck Services

Air Conditioning Service

Our diagnostic and repair capability allows us to service any automotive air conditioning system from small cars to heavy duty vehicles and motor homes.

Alignment Service

Protect your investment!  Tires are a significant expense during the ownership of your vehicle.  Our Hunter® alignment machine is capable of handling all-wheel alignments for any vehicle, from small cars to heavy duty trucks, full-size trailers and motor homes.

BG Products®

We are an authorized dealer and service center for BG Products, Inc.  We offer a comprehensive list of BG products and services, including:

  • Fuel/Air Induction Service
  • Lubrication & Fuel Deposit Control Service
  • Diesel Injection Service
  • Diesel Induction & EGR-Cleaning Service (Ford Powerstroke & GM Duramax)
  • Cooling System Flush & Service
  • Transmission System Flush & Service
  • Drive Line Service
  • Brake Service
  • Climate Control Service
  • Battery Service
  • Headlight Restoration

Brake Service and Repair

Air or Hydraulic operated, Anti-lock or standard, we handle repairs and maintenance on all types of braking systems in the automotive and heavy duty fields.

Diagnostic Services

With OEM International and Cummins electronic software, ABS diagnostics and a full suite of light duty programs, we’re able to communicate with and diagnose vehicles from light cars to heavy duty trucks, trailer ABS systems and more.

Drivetrain Service

We keep you moving forward, using OE-approved parts, fluids and service information for your light or heavy duty vehicle.  From differential, transmission and driveshaft service, to hydraulics, controls and electrical wiring, we’re able to diagnose and repair all drivetrain concerns.

Eaton/Weatherhead Hydraulic Hose Service

With our Eaton/Weatherhead fabrication capability, we’re able to repair or create any hose for your application.  From transmission, hydraulic fluid, oils, refrigerants, air-brake and coolant lines, our range of selection means we’re suited to serve your fleet, from over-the-road trucking to construction, electrical and special-use equipment.

Engine Mechanical Repair

Complete disassembly and reassembly?  In-frame or assembled long-block?  Timing belt or head-gasket service?  Our extensive experience in both light and heavy duty means we’re suited to your need.  Whether it’s an automotive engine or a tractor-trailer, we’re able to diagnose, service and repair a multitude of power plants, including all Ford Powerstroke Diesel engines from past to present.

Fleet Maintenance

While extended service intervals are a common boast of manufacturers, nothing replaces a technician inspecting your vehicle to catch problems before they sideline you.  Regular preventive maintenance services are proven methods for reliable service on the road.  Reduce the opportunity for mechanical breakdowns that stop your vehicle when you need it most!

Roadside Assistance and Towing

Our service vehicles are your well-stocked, all-season mobile repair solution.  Serving the over-the-road trucking community for years, we’re there to help you get back on the road quickly and conveniently.  Where necessary, our heavy-duty wrecker or roll-back (flat-bed) unit can transport your vehicle to our facility for additional repairs.

Suspension Service

From Macpherson struts to air bags, Neway/Hendrickson Suspensions, remote reservoirs and nitrogen-filled gas-shocks, we’ve had extensive experience working with all manner of suspension products from the power-sports, automotive and heavy-duty fields.  Assisted by OEM diagnostics and service procedures, we’ll make sure it’s fixed right the first time.

Tire Sales, Mounting and Balancing

Using our computerized Hunter® wheel balance machines, we’re able to mount and balance anything from golf-kart and motorcycle to automotive and heavy-duty truck tires.  Why trust your expensive investment to a packet of balancing beads and a sales pitch?  Let us balance it and know you’re getting what your vehicle needs!

Welding, Fabrication and Trailer Repair

As a long-time operator of a moving and storage fleet, we are uniquely suited to perform the metal-work, fabrication, body and hardware repair of trailers.  From water leaks, door hinges and custom-brackets, to steel and aluminum welding and more, we are capable of covering a wide range of requirements.