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Flammable materials small

Professional Movers are trained to handle most household goods and office items. We can even handle special items such as Antiques, Fine Art and even full size Grand Pianos.

If you are hiring Professional Movers, there are some things though that should be kept separate from your goods being transported. Here is a short list of items that you should arrange to transport separately.

Movers should not transport anything potentially explosive:

  • Gas tanks - including propane, scuba, oxygen
  • Aerosol cans, paints, thinners, lighter fluid, gasoline, matches,
  • Fertilizers
  • Handguns
  • Ammunition of any type
  • Un-drained lawn mowers and weed-eaters
  • Liquids that can spill (bleach, drain cleaner, ammonia, etc.)
  • Fireworks, batteries (including car batteries)
  • Hoverboards

Due to the difficulty in replacing, the movers should also not handle:

  • Jewelry (other than costume jewelry of minor value)
  • Coins, currency or any other negotiable paper (stocks, bonds, notes, etc.)
  • Important papers (deeds, titles, bank books, tax & similar documents)
  • Collections (stamps, baseball cards, and the like)
  • Medicines

If you do have special items in your shipment, always let the movers know about them so they receive the extra attention and care they deserve.