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Reducing Moving Stress

Family on sidewalk with movers

Relocating to a new neighborhood can come with a great deal of change to our everyday lives. Parents are often working at new jobs, children need to make new friends at new schools and even our pets may need some time adapting to new surroundings. For anyone that is moving, here are some tips that will help keep your journey a positive experience.

Stay Organized

A little bit of extra planning on the front end will help all the pieces fit into place at delivery. If you are packing, make sure to label your boxes with your last name, a room designation and a short phrase that describes the contents. If things are not going, such as personal items, keep them far and away from things that do. Now might be a good time to get rid of any unneeded items or clutter. If you have some items going to your new residence and some going separate to storage, make sure everyone knows this and understands the loading & unloading sequence.

Keep in Touch

Make sure friends, family, and especially the movers have good contact information for you while you are traveling. Sometimes you may be in and out of cell service so be sure people have a few ways to reach you such as email or text. Our office staff will reach out the day before the move to confirm final details, but don’t hesitate to call us any time before, during or after the move.

Understand the Paperwork

Review all your move paperwork carefully along with any literature given to you. Your moving coordinator should be able to answer most questions that pertain to packing and moving. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be sure to review the terms of the estimate and methods of payment. When it comes to insurance concerns and more complicated matters, you may want to review with your own insurance agent to clarify limits.

Be Prepared for Delivery

Know the rules about where you are moving; for example: “Does your apartment building require a certificate of insurance from the movers?” “What are the hours that movers can use the elevator?” “Will they be able to drive a tractor trailer into your new complex?” It is also a good idea to have a visual plan for where furniture items will go in your new home.

Let us Make It Easy

Taking these steps will help you and your family more easily transition to your new place. At Mabey’s, we understand that even with all of these things accounted for, it may not be easy. So call us whenever you need, we are here to help. Our goal is to make the moving part easy!