Packing and Loading Tips

Packing and Loading - Mobile Storage On Demand

Tips for a smooth packing and storage experience


  • Fill all boxes to their capacity to prevent collapsing.
  • Seal all cartons with tape.
  • Pack similar items together, do not pack china with your toaster.
  • Make sure the bottoms of all cartons are sealed and will hold the weight of the contents.
  • Use enough cushioning such as bubble wrap or white newsprint so items do not move when you shake the carton.
  • We sell specially made cartons for all your household goods, including mattress, clothing and mirrors.
  • Label cartons to make unpacking much easier.
  • Do not mix items from different rooms.
  • Curtains and drapery can be hung on hangers and placed in wardrobe cartons with clothing.


  • As you are loading it is a good idea to write up an inventory of items you are placing in the container.
  • Protect furniture with furniture pads or blankets.
  • Load all items as tight as possible.
  • Distribute weight evenly throughout the container.
  • Place Appliances or heavy items on container floor and secure with straps.
  • Couches may be placed on end and secured with straps.
  • Drain washer, refrigerator, and freezers 24 hours before loading in container.
  • Place heavy items on the floor and work up to ceiling with lighter items.
  • Secure sections with loading straps.
  • Do not save all boxes for the end of the load, mix them throughout to fill in all spaces.
  • Do not load in excess of 8,000 lbs. of weight for each container.
  • Do not store flammable materials or improperly packaged food or perishable goods.
  • Load mattress last to build a protective wall between items and door.
  • Secure the container with a pad lock of your choice.