Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

Visit the storage area to determine the correct size and meet the manager to ensure that you are comfortable with where you are storing.

  •   Reserve your storage unit 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure the size is available that you will need.
  •   Fill all boxes to capacity to avoid collapsing.
  •   It’s a good idea to place strips of wood or pallets on the floor of the unit to create air flow. You do not want to place boxes or overstuffed furniture directly on the concrete floor.
  •   Check with the rental office for storage supplies for sale, such as mattress and sofa covers.
  •   Label all boxes when packing. It will make your moving day out of storage much easier, and help you determine what boxes to leave in front of your unit for quick access.
  •   If its worth storing its worth insuring. Check with your homeowners or rental insurance company to see if they will cover your goods while in storage. If they do not, the self-storage manager can provide you with a company that deals with storage facilities all over the country.
  •   Cover furniture to help keep it dust free.
  •   Place cedar in the unit to help keep items fresh.
  •   Remember to check your goods on a monthly basis.