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Third Generation of the Mabey Family

Business pic of family

A third generation of the Mabey family is slowly assuming a leader-ship role here at Mabey’s Moving & Storage, Inc. But what is not new is that these young men and women still espouse founder Bob Mabey’s constant reminder: “Remember, you are entrusted with other people’s belongings. Treat them as if they were your own.” That is the simple philosophy behind the success of Mabey’s Moving and Storage – and your peace of mind.

Founder Bob Mabey started hauling apples in 1957. He worked hard to keep them fresh and from bruising. And on weekends he moved people’s belongings, using the same level care. This spirit continues today and goes into each and every move we do. Now a new generation of Mabeys is adopting Bob’s values and continues that bond of trust, helping homeowners and corporations alike, to plan, store, and carry-out safe, secure moves, nationwide and overseas.

Everyone in this family started at the bottom rung of the corporation: packing, going on moves, warehousing, helping construct the storage facilities, staffing the offices. From an entrepreneur who did it all – sales, swapping out engines in trucks, doing deliveries – Bob Mabey has insisted that any family member “can’t take away anything from the company, if you haven’t been putting something back in.”

Three generations adds up to one fundamental principal: The Mabey family is here to help yours.