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Registered International Mover

Moving Overseas

In addition to local and interstate moving, Mabey’s team is fully trained and equipped to help you and your family with moving internationally. We can handle moving to virtually any place in the world. Mabey’s provides full-service, door-to-door moving. This means we will handle everything from start to finish.

    • Full packing service
    • Loading to overseas container(s)
    • Shipping to and from the ports
    • Overseas transport via steamship or air
    • Customs Clearance
    • Final delivery into your new home
    • Full unpacking and removal of boxes and debris

Free In-Home Estimate  

Much like a domestic move, the first step is a pre-move visual survey. During the survey, we will evaluate the access and identify items that need special care and packing requirements. International shipments are typically priced based on the calculated volume and intended destination.

Proven Techniques

Our professional packers will carefully prepare your goods for safe overseas transport. All items are placed in corrugated cartons and furniture items will be core-craft wrapped (a special formula of non-abrasive but rigid bubble encased paper), employing proven techniques for international shipping. Our crew will provide you with a full descriptive inventory of all items being relocated within your shipment.        

Global Networks

Every country has their own set of rules for importing goods. We will look at the current rules for where you are going and be sure to share this information with you. Our experts will go over import taxes, customs declarations and other critical details to ensure smooth sailing. Our global moving partners will ensure safe and efficient delivery to your new residence.

RIM Certified

Mabey’s operations and sales team have completed the American Moving & Storage Association’s rigorous education and training required to earn the Registered International Mover Certification. This globally recognized certification, along with decades of experience handling International moving, means that you are in good hands.

The Registered International Mover® (RIM) program has established universal standards for international moving companies and their personnel, while raising their overall level of professionalism and performance.