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Local vs Long Distance Moving

Truck packed and open

Did you know that Mabey’s is not just a local mover? We are also a full service Interstate and International Moving Company. In much the same way that each individual move is unique, each type of move is special.

Local Moving:

When within 60 Miles, the move is done at our local Hourly Rates. These rates may change during the year and are typically subject to a minimum number of hours. The cost includes the time it takes to load and unload the moving van, travel time from origin to destination residence, in addition to time to and from Mabey’s Facility in Rensselaer, NY.

When you call for an estimate, movers generally provide an estimate with the number of men needed to safely and efficiently transport your goods. Packing, when done locally, is based on the time it takes to complete in addition to the cost of the packing materials.

Intra-State Moving:

When moving more than 60 Miles but still within New York State, the move is considered an “Intrastate” move. The cost for this type of move is based on a combination of the estimated weight of your shipment and distance transported. Things like stairs, elevators and additional stops will add to the total cost. The movers will also prepare an inventory of your goods.

Interstate Moving:

When moving from one state to another, or “interstate”, your household goods are transported on the same types of moving vans and are generally consolidated with other shipments. Similar to Intra-State moving, the cost is based on a combination of weight and distance and an inventory is prepared. For long distance moving, your moving estimator will usually provide a “spread” of dates that you may expect delivery. Moves that go from one state to another are done through Mabey’s local office under the authority of Atlas Van Lines, Inc.

With all of our moves, Mabey's Personnel will provide:

  • Basic disassembly of beds and tables
  • Loading of the moving van and pad wrapping all the furniture
  • Final delivery to your new home
  • Placing items into the rooms you choose, were you would like them
  • Basic reassembly of beds & tables and debris removal